The Samata, Voice of the people is a digital platform to truthfully speak about the socio-political and cultural lives of our time and the world.

As a journalistic entity we are committed to the idea of democracy and Constitutional morality and be the voice of probity. 

Between propaganda and counter propaganda, We stand by the people and always question the power. 

Fearlessly we will fight to protect democratic and human rights of the citizens. Our aim is to present enough pictures from all possible perspectives so that you get a chance to form informed opinion. 

We believe in the power of people. We need your support. 

Editor- Kedar Mishra 


ସମତା ଆମ ସମୟ ଓ ପୃଥିବୀର ସାମାଜିକ, ରାଜନୈତିକ ଏବଂ ସାଂସ୍କୃତିକ ଜୀବନର କାହାଣୀ କହିବ ।

ମୁକ୍ତ ଏବଂ ନିରପେକ୍ଷ ଭାବରେ ଲୋକଙ୍କ କାହାଣୀ କହିବା ଆମର ଧର୍ମ ।

ରାଜନୀତିରେ ଆମେ ଲୋକପକ୍ଷରେ ରହିବୁ । 

ଗଣତନ୍ତ୍ର, ମାନବ ଅଧିକାର ଏବଂ ମୁକ୍ତ ଚିନ୍ତନ ସପକ୍ଷରେ ଆମେ ସବୁବେଳେ ନିର୍ଭୀକ ଭାବରେ ଠିଆ ହେବୁ ।  

ସମ୍ପାଦକ - କେଦାର ମିଶ୍ର